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About Us: STC Service Delivery Model

Since 2005, Senior Transportation Connection (STC) has provided comprehensive, coordinated, efficient and affordable transportation to seniors and adults with disabilities throughout Cuyahoga County.
STC centrally-manages custom services that meet the budgets and needs of Cuyahoga County residents, social service agency clients and Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) users.
STC is a not-for-profit partner with communities and other organizations, and those partners define where we travel and what kinds of trips are allowed. By working with us, your community can keep transportation affordable and rider fees low. STC also asks for charitable donations and grants to help cover our operating costs and purchase new vehicles.
We believe it is important for our passengers to know they are being served by a not-for-profit organization that places their needs first. We are grateful that generous people in this community support STC services.
STC trains drivers to escort passengers from door to door to ensure safety and provide a personal touch. He or she will help with up to 5 parcels on shopping trips. They are trained to keep you safe, including how to help if you use a walker, cane or wheelchair – one third of our passengers do. Drivers are certified in CPR and complete National Safety Council defensive driving training.
We’re on the road nearly one million miles every year. So, we have a few guidelines to keep our services efficient and organized. See Scheduling a Ride for details. A list of the communities and agencies that contract with STC can be found HERE. Thank you for your interest in STC. We look forward to serving you!

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