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“Achieving and maintaining mobility enables us to participate fully and meaningfully in the activities of our lives.” (Finn and Stearns, The Mobile Elder, 2003)

In our society transportation is a basic need. Without access to safe, reliable, efficient, and affordable transportation, senior adults may be unable to obtain medical care, groceries, banking services, or entertainment isolates seniors and diminishes their quality of life.

We are fortunate in Cuyahoga County to have a great social network of human service and transportation providers that serve older persons. Nearly 60 municipal and non-profit organizations provide specialized transportation services for older persons. The problem is that more services are needed to meet increasing demand. And in many communities resources are dwindling.

Senior Transportation Connection is committed to providing comprehensive, efficient, and affordable transportation for senior adults in Cuyahoga County.

By building on the strengths of the existing provider network we will coordinate services throughout the county. The goal is to provide more choices for consumers, and more efficient services for providers.



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